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We welcome you to our Christmas Paper Art Contest in theme of "Grinchmas".
We all know this year has been hard for all of us, therefore we would like to bring you some joy and warmth during this festive season. 
About GRINCHMAS Paper Art Contest:
Participants must complete their art work on these sketches (After registration you automatically get the sketch by email).
How to proceed?
- choose your category: choose between 3 different sketches (or all of them)
Sketch 1: COMPLETE ART WORK ( a whole art composition on the paper )

Sketch 2: LASH ART WORK & HEADPIECE (apply lashes and create a 3D headpiece on the paper)

Sketch 3: COSTUME FROM LASH FANS (dress Grinch up with colorful lash fans) :)

Important information: ART WORKS CAN ONLY BE DONE ON THE SKETCHES PROVIDED BY US (other skecthes or backgrounds won't be accepted)!!

Any kinds of decorations are allowed on the paper. 

Price: 5€/category

Deadline: 20th December 2020 (midnight- CET)

Winners will be announced on 24th December 16:00 (CET)

For more information feel free to contact us! 



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  • Registration fee is non-refundable



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